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Pascal-Xavier Van de Goor

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Hi, I’m Pascal-Xavier Van de Goor, Associate Account Strategist at Google for the Benelux market, located in the European HQ in Dublin.

I spent 3 years at Howest. 3 years during which I created strong relationships, with students and professors. 3 years of creating memories. 3 years that have played a significant role in creating the person I am today, on a personal level and career wise. The hands-on classes, the internships and the informal conversations with professors have helped me with deciding what I wanted to achieve after my studies. Howest opened my eyes, gave me the strength to think big and to believe in myself and the project I undertake. I had big ideas, I undertook ambitious projects and I dreamed of an international career. But I didn’t dare to dream of where I am today, let alone that it would be my first job.

2.5 million applied for a job at Google last year and only 10.000 got a job offer (that’s 0.004%) , I’m one of them. You might have seen pictures of the Google offices, maybe you’ve heard about all the perks the employees have. I can tell you that it’s much better than that. It’s fantastic to be part of a constantly growing multinational that changes the world. I don’t believe there’s a company who cares more about his employees than Google and that’s probably one of the reasons why they have been voted Best Place To Work multiple times. To make sure you do your job the best you can you get a lot of training and no question is too stupid to ask. Also, everybody is extremely approachable. Top management or noogler, you can ask them any question and they’ll help you. This approachability makes creating friendships really easy. After a few days it felt like I knew my new friends for years.