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Bachelor of Office Management

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Bachelor of Office Management

Office Management teaches students to become “co-managers”. These new Office Managers are multilingual, perfectly organised, digitally skilled and think in tandem with the manager.

The Executive Management Assistant needs to offer an added value on each echelon within the company environment. This is only possible by offering a wide-ranging education with an emphasis on multi-faceted competences and work-placement learning. The Office Management curriculum has been conceived around three pillars: Communicate and Organize for Business or Healthcare.

In the Communication modules the students acquire the skills to communicate proficiently and professionally in Dutch, French, English and German or Spanish. In the Organisation modules students are introduced to different management techniques and learn to work with Office and media tools; not only the usual Office tools but also MS-Dynamics, SharePoint, Lync, image processing and web management.

Option For Business

In the Business modules students are made aware of the different aspects of company life: accounting, human resources, intercultural communication, social media etc.

Option For Healthcare

The Healthcare modules prepare the students for work in a hospital, paramedical, pharmaceutical or social services environment.

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