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Bachelor of Industrial Product Design

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Bachelor of Industrial Product Design (Kortrijk)Students who want to know more about how products work and are shaped, who are passionate about tinkering and taking things apart or who want to make objects more ‘usable’ and love to come up with original solutions, should consider taking this programme. We require a number of competences!

Students should communicate well. They should be able to work both in a team and on their own. They are interested in technology and good in abstractions. They reach deadlines and are interested in design and the latest trends. They love drawing and working with their hands. Last but not least, they pay attention to both people and the environment and will not accept an easy solution ‘just because’.

Industrial Product Design offers three options

  • Product and Shape
  • Product and Use
  • Product and Engineering

As an industrial product designer, a broad range of jobs in an equally large number of sectors lie ahead. Our graduates work as product designers in a specialised agency or at the engineering department of a company. They develop industrial and/or consumer goods, specialise in CAD-drawings, design moulds or become a prototyping specialist, a specialist in materials or technical sales engineer...

The sky is the limit!

For more info, please contact: Ronald Bastiaens, programme coordinator,