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Digital Arts and Entertainment

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The gaming industry is a booming business worldwide. The exceptional growth of this particular and highly technological sector has spurred a proportional increase in the demand for qualified and well-trained geniuses. Digital Arts and Entertainment provides an answer to this trend. The programme itself rests on five pillars: Arts Skills, 3D Computers Arts, Programming, Game Sciences and Integration.

Mind! It’s about more than just gaming! Think of virtual walking tours in a historic landscape. Archaeological sites which no longer exist, brought to life in a game engine that can be used in museums.

Advertising, too, the longer the more is using 3D-applications and so are TV, online media and print. 3D-creations can vary from photo-realistic to fiction and result in monsters, cartoons and even video clips ... to name just a few.

Digital Arts and Entertainment offers four options:

  • 3D Production and Visual Effects
  • Game Graphics Production
  • Game development
  • Independent Game Production

Don’t forget: this programme also exists as a fully English-taught degree programme for international students.

More information

For more info, please contact: Regis Leroy, programme coordinator,