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Intensive programmes, an out and out international learning experience

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Throughout the years Howest has built a solid reputation as a co-ordinator and organisor of (Erasmus) Intensive Programmes. For more than 10 years the Erasmus programme has funded this type of projects. Our departments gladly seized that opportunity to bring together their students and teachers with those of their different European partner institutions, and have them cooperate for two weeks in international teams around specific topics, very often cross-disciplinary. In English of course. The final presentations by the student groups have always been top moments, assessed by an international jury composed of teachers and field experts.

Howest has been selected as the national Best Practice in the field of Intensive Programmes for the European “Erasmus success stories brochure 2012”.

Also after the suspension of the Erasmus funding for IPs our Howest departments continue to organise them, often in a shorter version and preceded by a period of @distance collaboration, in order to compensate for the withdrawal of the scholarships.

For students as well as teachers these intensive programmes are outstanding international learning experiences and unforgettable moments of hard work and intensive socialising with students and faculty from different countries. Thanks to the mix of nationalities, cultures and study areas IPs have led their participants very often to distinctivly creative and innovative insights, approaches or solutions.

Howest-delegation for the ‘IP Cross-border Health Care’ – edition Leiria, Portugal