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India from within

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Howest helps India with its social departments

Fighting poverty through stimulating empowerment during a travel experience ‘India from within’

Howest is working closer with India and is organising a travel experience of 3 weeks for students who are ready to get socially engaged. Students can taste ‘life as it is’ in India and contribute in projects for empowerment of lower social classes.

Howest has an intensive collaboration with the MM Trust organisation. This NGO has as main objective to help the social lower classes in India and has the motto: help the poor, to educate the poor!. Especially academics and students are working towards the empowerment of these people. As NGO MM Trust has a network of academic partners: exiting opportunities for exchange between staff and students. The students can as well go for training at one of the Trust projects.

The trip ‘India from within’ is contributing to these projects, where student will collaborate with Indian students in the field. Students who are participating in this travel to India, are getting in contact with various social projects and could go for practical to one of these in the next academic year. During this trip students get the opportunity to exchange with students from the Holy Cross College and the Bharathidasan University. And of course the travellers will get the change as well to get to know this exiting country through excursions and various activities!

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