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Applied Computer Sciences

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Bachelor of Applied Computer Sciences (Bruges)As a future Bachelor of Applied Computer Sciences students learn to analyse, configure and manage both computers and networks. They also design IT structures, create and manage databases, program computers, set up web applications, ...

An IT specialist is the link between computers and their users. Good communication skills and a correct language use are therefore key.

A thorough IT training programme is impossible without a solid IT environment. Case studies and real life simulations allow students to practise their skills. Their work placement consists of a fully-fledged project in an IT environment.

Our graduates work as a system-, network- or database manager, they become an analyst, software- or web designer, IT consultant or even project team leader. They can start their own company as well.

Option in Computer & Cyber Crime Professional

Cyber crime professionals are key to protect all software and hardware in an organisation: no fear of hackers, no problems with phishing anymore.

Option in Software & Systems Engineer

Software & Systems engineers are the specialist designers for state of the art systems and software.

Option ICT Consultant

ICT Consultants use modern ICT tools in order to generate creative and innovative business solutions. Innovation, social media, cloud services, mobile development and apps are the ICT Consultant’s playground.

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