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Applied Psychology

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The courses offered are designed to allow the prospective assistant psychologist to acquire the basic competencies required for two typical roles: a diagnostic role and a counselling role.

These two functions are performed in diverse work fields whenever people wish to call on (applied) psychological expertise for their mental well-being. Consequently, the two typical roles of the applied psychologist are explored in different professional environments, including healthcare, education, care for the disabled, corporate life (HRM), the advertising industry, consumer psychology, sports psychology,…

In the first year, the emphasis is on the scientific foundations of the basic competencies and the exploration of the tasks of the applied psychologist in various fields, and basic professional skills are practised.

In the second and third years, the curriculum is dominated by proficiency courses. The acquisition of professional experience through internships in Belgium or elsewhere is also an important component.

The applied psychologist usually works within recognised and subsidised organisations that provide professional assistance to children, youngsters and elderly persons with psychological problems.

The applied psychologist performs diagnostic as well as counselling tasks. The diagnostic tasks concern the examination of psychological complaints by means of deontologically correct and technically sound methods such as psycho-testing, behavioural observation, clinical interviewing, etc. The counselling tasks consist mainly in the execution of psychotherapeutic programmes, either alone or within a team.

The applied psychologist can perform the above tasks as a freelancer or as an employee.

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For more information, please contact: Sofie Doom (, programme coordinator.