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New Media and Communication Technology

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New Media and Communication Technology

New Media and Communication Technology is a 3-year option programme in the bachelor training programme Multimedia and Communication Technology. You can only take this option programme at Howest in Kortrijk.

In 2020, over 30 billion devices will be connected to the internet. NMCT prepares you for this future. First, you build a large and solid IT basis on which you later specialise.

As an NMC Technologist, IT is part of your life. You know how to deal with things and you are an enterprising doer who rather leaves the well-trodden paths and you love cutting edge IT.

New Media and Communication Technology

Web & App Developer

As Web & App Developer you focus on the development of both the front-end and the back-end of an application. You have a good knowledge of the different programming languages and the required attention for user experience.

Smart Technology Creator

As Smart Technology Creator you focus on connecting and integrating different devices and services into a powerful package. You have a good knowledge of programming and data communication.

Infrastructure Engineer

As Infrastructure Engineer you focus on installation, configuration and maintenance of a computer network, so as to ensure continuity. You have a good knowledge of network infrastructure and system architecture.

Quality Characteristic

NMCT logoNew Media and Communication Technology did not just obtain an ‘excellent’ as for professional orientation in the VLORHA quality report, but also received an additional exceptional label as “creative training, driven by a close cooperation with the work field".

So, let others tell you how great you are. And that is what the accreditation commission did in its quality report that was transferred to VLHORA (Vlaamse Hogescholenraad, or the Council of Flemish Colleges of Higher Education).


You are important!

The transfer to higher education is not always as easy as it sounds. Your mentor (a teacher) is your contact to help you on your way.

Lecturers and staff members are easily reachable and gladly guide you through your training programme.

Project work

In addition to technological know-how, you learn to look for solutions and manage projects in team and in close contact with your client.

We sharpen your initiative, creative drive and entrepreneurial sense.

Cooperation with the Work Field

To be able to develop your skills, it is evident that you study realistic cases. We challenge you with real-life assignments.

Creative drive in relation with the work field is a special quality characteristic that was granted to us.

Anticipating the future

The evolutions within IT succeed each other swiftly. We offer most cutting-edge technology and offer you channels to follow exciting trends.

This is among other things possible thanks to the research group Sizing Servers which cooperates with companies such as Intel and Facebook.


During the first half of your training (3 semesters), you get solid knowledge in the domains below.  This ensures that you are very versatile and that several labour markets are open to you.


You develop software for smart devices.

You develop custom web & mobile apps to suit the user’s specific requirements.

You have ‘things’ communicate with one another.

You process data from the cloud into useful information.
PROJECTS: You create fascinating and fun real-life projects

The next semesters, you can underline your own talents by specialising in one specific profile:

  • Web & App Developer
  • Smart Technology Creator
  • Infrastructure Engineer

You always end your training programme with a work placement and a bachelor paper. Each module is good for 6 ECTS credits and 5 course hours per week. So, you have a maximum of 25 hours of courses per week.

Exhaustive NMCT Training Programme


We also sharpen your entrepreneurship with the module Start-up in semester 5. This module can be a step-up to your own company.

Step by step, you elaborate a business or event plan in a multidisciplinary team. Lecturers, dream coaches, bank directors and company managers guide you through this learning process. Vlajo ensures the necessary support.

NMCT Entrepreneurship.jpg

Do you like it very much and do you have a good business plan? Then, we give you the opportunity to go ‘live’ with your idea during your work placement period. You start your own company under the expert guidance of Howest, The Studios and Vlajo. Who knows, maybe we pay you a visit in Silicon Valley in a few years ...

Where Do You Find the Job of Your Life?


Many New Media and Communication Technology graduates sign a contract before they have their diploma, with their work placement company or with a company that participated in the Howest Jobhappening. Jobs in the ICT-sector are still recognised as bottleneck occupations.

  • 82% of the students find a job within 3 months after graduation.
  • 10% continue their studies.
  • 7% of the students start their own company.


A Bachelor of New Media and Communication Technology has a very large professional field. Both large and small companies discover the need to find young, dynamic people who take care of the necessary ICT-support. Consequently, you end up in the most diverse sectors and varying functions: in SME’s and large companies with international context that support their company activity with the most modern ICT-infrastructure. Or who knows, your own company?

What After Your Bachelor of NMCT?

A Bachelor of New Media and Communication Technology has a very large professional field. That’s perfectly possible with us. A master diploma is within reach.

The master of Electronics-ICT, graduation fields Multimedia and Information Technology (MIT) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at UGent Campus Kortrijk perfectly join the professional bachelor training of NMCT.

Reactions from the Work Field

NMCT International



The study trip to the USA is one of the highlights for the NMCT-student. Since more than 10 years we visit the headquarters of top IT-companies in the US. At the moment we go to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. We visit Adobe, Cisco, Oracle, Disney, NVidea, Facebook, VMware, Google, Intel and Stanford University.


Howest, and more particularly New Media and Communication Technology, has developed a cooperation with the Ugandan Mountain of the Moon University. During the kick-off on site, Howest will, at the request of the Mountain of the Moon University, School of Informatics and Computing, provide a 4-day awareness course “application development in C#” by lecturers of the NMCT department.

Useful information

For more info, please contact: Frederik Duchi, programme coordinator,