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Pre-Primary Education

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Are you fascinated by the development of young children? Would you like to contribute actively to their discovery of the adult world? Then the nursery school teacher training will appeal to you!

The tasks of a nursery school teacher are not to be underestimated! Those who think that the profession is limited to entertaining toddlers with cutting, sticking and colouring are mistaken.

In a society in which a growing number of men and women choose to work fulltime, and are therefore no longer able to provide comprehensive care for their small children, the nursery school teacher can perform many of these tasks on their behalf.

This implies that the nursery school teacher should not only be aware of the latest theories on education, but that he or she should also be able to contribute to the linguistic, cognitive, motor and emotional development of children. It speaks for itself that he or she must be creative. In today’s multicultural society, it is also important that the nursery school teacher should be able to cope with differences in culture and customs and show respect for other values than his or her own.

The training programme is geared primarily towards the educational system. But there are other job opportunities, including in child daycare centres or in child reception centres and hospital classes.

If you would like to become a competent nursery school teacher who has mastered all these skills, then our team of lecturers and staff can provide the ideal training.

More information?

For more information, please contact: Leen Van der Stock (, programme coordinator.