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Primary Education

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Would you like to play a crucial role in the development of a toddler into a teenager? Are you fascinated by the learning process in young children? Are you interested in all school subjects? Then you should become a primary school teacher!

The primary school teacher occupies a special position in the educational system. The children that he or she teaches vary in age from six to twelve years. In other words, they range from children who have just left nursery school to young teenagers.

Likewise with regard to subject matter they must be very versatile. In the first year, they shoulder the enormous responsibility and challenge of having to learn children how to read and write. But by the time these children reach the 5th or 6th year of primary school, the subject matter becomes quite complex as the pupils prepare to move on to secondary education.

The primary school teacher needs to be multitalented, must have a broad range of interests, and must enjoy working with children. Like the nursery school teacher, he or she fulfils the role of a co-educator in these economically demanding times. The primary school teacher must be able to handle children from divergent cultural and social backgrounds. It is his or her job to teach the children understanding and respect for one another and, as such, the teacher must first and foremost propagate these values him- or herself.

The lecturers and other staff of our department will do everything to help the prospective teacher acquire all these skills and develop into an excellent professional.

Primary school teachers are not only employed in ordinary primary schools, but also in schools for children with special needs and in hospital classes.

More information?

For more information, please contact: Leen Van der Stock (, programme coordinator.