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Occupational Therapy

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Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Bruges)The curriculum combines theory and practice and matches handson experience during projects and colloquia with lectures taught by professionals. Our skills lab allows students to further practise their skills and counselling techniques. An integrated work placement abroad offers a unique opportunity to put their knowledge into practice.

An occupational therapist works with children, adults and elderly people whose disability or disorder prevents them from leading a normal daily life. Their main objective is to help their clients live a better life. An occupational therapist goes for a career in wellness and health care, either in a revalidation centre or at people’s homes.

Two unique minors

  • Wellness and Coaching starts from an integrated vision on mind and body. Our programme helps students guide and encourage people to live a more balanced life.
  • Adaptation and Design is all about the environment of the patients. Technology and living conditions with a people centred focus.

More info

For more info, please contact: Annabel Deneckere, programme coordinator,