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Secondary Education

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Do you find teenagers a fascinating age group? Can you understand their tendency to question everything? And would you like to help them discover what is valuable? Then you should train to become a secondary school teacher!

Training and profession

As a secondary school teacher, you are required to work in a broad professional field. First and foremost, the training programme prepares you to teach two subjects in the first and second cycles of general and technical secondary education. Furthermore, a secondary school teacher may teach at any level in secondary vocational training and in special needs secondary schools, though we do recommend prospective teachers to consider an additional year of study to prepare for such teaching assignments.

Secondary school pupils are going through puberty and this occasionally means trouble! Teachers must therefore be immune to stress and be able to show understanding. They must be able to cope with pupils in full development who like to manifest themselves.

First and foremost, however, the prospective teacher must be willing to become an expert in two curricular subjects.

It speaks for itself that prospective teachers must be interested in ICT-skills and how to apply them in classroom situations.

Secondary school teachers must be open to all opinions and cultures. It is important that teachers should instil certain values in their pupils, and help them develop a sense of tolerance and respect for their fellow students. The teacher is a role model for his or her pupils.

The lecturers and staff of this department look forward to coaching prospective teachers throughout the training process.

More information?

For more information, please contact: Marijke Buyle (, programme coordinator.