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Social Work

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Students are trained into critical social workers who do justice to individuals, both in relation to themselves and in relation to their social environment.


The most important tasks of the social worker are:

  • to provide concrete support and information, in order to help the client navigate through the labyrinth of regulations and services in modern society.
  • to provide psychosocial assistance, whereby clients are made aware of their personal abilities, so that they could give shape to their own lives.
  • to act preventatively in order to avoid problems or difficulties.
  • to conduct research and to report, with a view to exploring, elucidating and assessing a social situation. Research and reporting are part of the signalling function of social work.

Training programme

The training programme leads to a protected title and offers a range of employment opportunities, including in:

  • social work for individuals and households
  • legal social work
  • the social educational sector
  • the sociomedical sector.
  • …

More information?

For more information, please contact: Annelies Volckaert (, programme coordinator.