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International semesters

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Howest warmly welcomes exchange students from its partner universities for a semester or a full year of study.

Also other foreign students can matriculate for our English taught courses, which are organised in the framework of several of our Bachelor degree programmes, provided that they already have (at least) a Bachelor degree by the start of the study period at Howest.

Programmes 2017-2018

International Semester Programmes in Spring: from February to the end of June

Course Unit Descriptions for All International Semester Programmes (if not available yet for the upcoming academic year please select the current year)
Next to ‘Taal’ select ‘English’
Next to ‘Opleiding’ select select the name of your programme (some of them are listed as ‘Postgraduaat’).
For the Digital Creative Project semesters at Howest Kortrijk, click ‘digital creative projects’ and then choose the right track under ‘traject’. For ‘Realisation in Product Design’ click ‘Bachelor in het industrieel productontwerpen’ & as ‘traject’ choose ‘3 IPO’.

International semesters, what are they?

An International semester programme is a coherent package of course units which a Howest Bachelor programme offers in English, as an option for semester exchange , to incoming students from its partner universities abroad, and as a study abroad option to other international students. Many of those English-taught course units are also followed by local Howest students, whereas all the other course units of their BA programme are offered in Dutch. Some Howest International Semester programmes consist of course units which together amount to 30 ECTS credits, the full standard semester load in European higher education. Those International Semesters of 30 ECTS do not contain any choice options for students who need the full 30 ECTS semester load. Others count more than 30 ECTS credits and thus provide choice options.

Selecting courses from different International Semesters is only possible if both programmes are organised on the same campus ánd if their schedules allow it. Schedules are only available shortly before the start of the semester.